José Morey - Intergalactic Doctor

May 28, 2020 @ 3:36 pm

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We meet Dr. José Morey. José Morey, M.D., is a Fellow of the Eisenhower Foundation and the Chief Medical Innovation Officer for Liberty BioSecurity. Previously, Dr. Morey served as Associate Chief Health Officer for IBM Watson Health.  He led enterprise wide research collaborations with partners across the globe to develop AI medical breakthroughs.


Dr. Morey is also faculty at Singularity University where he leads exponential technology, innovation and human augmentation curricula. He also serves as a mentor for MIT Solve and IDEAS technology accelerators and is considered the first Intergalactic Doctor. 


José tells us about the “Intergalactic Doctor” title he has been given, and his dream to work in the STEM fields as a child. He explains his desire to give back and how technology and space make that possible. José also shares information about the work being done at Liberty BioSecurity, including a unique biological isolate LJ-321, which first developed resistance to chronic UV radiation as a result of long duration exposure to space on the exterior of an Earth orbiting satellite. Testing of LJ-321 has shown similar efficacy at shielding against UVA and UVB radiation to that of leading commercial brands of SPF 50 sunscreen.


LJ-321 is a Space Certified product. Learn more about it and the Space Foundation’s Space Certification process at


To learn more about Liberty BioSecurity and its cutting edge capabilities across the life sciences, visit


Introductory and closing music: Paint the Sky by Hans Atom (c) copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Miss Judged 

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